Bringing Electric Vehicle Solutions to Last Mile Service Providers

In a world dominated by ever-changing industries fueled by forward thinkers, it is not surprising to see a rise in electric vehicles. Three times as efficient as gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles are expected to reach sales of 1.4 million by 2025. While Tesla has become a  household name, there are also EV companies nationwide focused on making homes environmentally friendly. As a company focused on energy saving and protecting the environment, Shine Solar is bringing environmentally safe services to homes. Products and services like solar panels and batteries, HVACs and LED lighting are key components of Shine Solar’s offerings.  THE CHALLENGE Running a business with a mission of “HAPPY PLANET, HAPPY POCKETBOOK, HAPPIER YOU!” only makes sense when all aspects of the business fall into this statement as well. Providing environmentally-friendly services and products while still showing up in combustible vehicles goes against every aspect of Shine Solar’s mission statement.  Shine Solar was in urgent need of an electronic vehicle partner who not only held the same ethics and guidelines, but was set up and ready to launch an electric vehicle fleet service immediately. When customers are met by a personal solar concierge to help with any questions and to eventually track the solar installation process, the concierge should also be exemplifying every aspect of living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, starting with the mode of transportation. THE SOLUTION Enter Envirotech Vehicles, Inc. (EVT), a provider of purpose- built zero-emission vehicles focused on reducing the cost of vehicle ownership and helping fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology. EVT provided Shine Solar with several electric vehicles for test-driving and were already building and selling electric vehicles to meet the needs for mixed use service with specifications on the range of service and battery life to ensure the vehicle could make a complete trip without needing a charge.  “If you are in the last mile delivery service – plumbers, electricians, florists – EVT provides you with enough flexibility in their vehicle lineup to do anything you are trying to do to provide that service,” said Nicholas Gorden, CEO and Co-Founder of Shine Solar. EVT specializes in serving commercial and last-mile fleets, school districts, public and private transportation service companies and colleges and universities to meet the increasing demand for heavy duty electric vehicles, making this the perfect partnership. EVT vehicles address the challenges of traditional fuel price cost instability and local, state and federal environmental regulatory compliance. THE RESULT Shine Solar started their partnership with EVT in 2021 to create an electric vehicle fleet. Initially, two vehicles emerged, a van and a cab & chassis truck. In the next 36 months, Shine Solar will have over 100 EVT vehicles in their fleet. The majority of the fleet vehicles will be cab & chassis trucks that EVT will help scale into box trucks with multipurpose use and several vans that will allow for smaller service runs. “Working directly with EVT to ensure our fleet vehicles can meet their route without needing a charge was a game changer, especially when service is being done outside of city limits,” said Gorden.  Electric vehicles provide large cost savings in gasoline and maintenance costs. Shine Solar expects to break even on their electric fleet investment in the next four to five years. Gordon added, “EVT are experts in engineering and designing electric fleet vehicles. They have built their career in the transportation industry.” Finding an electric vehicle partner who is ready to make a difference with you and your company is a game changer. EVT is ready to help you make a difference. To learn more about EVT and the services they can provide your business, visit
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